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Welcome to KillaToys - bringing the Killaverse to life…

From the neon-lit alleys of the Killaverse, where interactive digital dreams blur with reality…a creative vision too potent to remain confined to pixels and code…, has emerged from the shadows. 


A vision born in the digital realm, meticulously molded into reality... 

Meet LOVE CAPTAIN - the all new limited-edition Killabears collectible that merges quality and elegance with a gritty, ferocious edge. Standing tall at 7.9', this artfully crafted vinyl character represents the first step in bringing the Killaverse to life in physical form.

Each and every intricate detail  - from its bright full-body design, to the custom-painted electroplated layers of color - contributes to the unique design of this jaw-dropping collectible piece.

Inspired by original KILLABEAR #701, LOVE CAPTAIN unlocks an intriguing new dimension to this beloved world of the Killaverse. For devoted fans, it moves an enchanting narrative in a bold new direction. For the uninitiated, it's an alluring introduction.

The KillaToys Collection

From the imagination of artist Memo Angeles, and transformed into a vision masterfully brought to life by Creative Director Mikael Tyrsen, LOVE CAPTAIN marks the celebration of the newest Killabears community collab.

The first of many initiatives to bring the digital world of the horrifyingly lovable KILLABEARS characters and their stories to life. The result of almost a year of meticulous preparation, intricate design, and rigorous quality testing...

KillaToys: Collectibles - Series I 

Designed and created for you - the collector - with your unique understanding and appreciation of how ownership is not just about the items themselves, but what they truly mean to us. 

Every piece tells a story. Every addition is a chapter. It’s about being part of something… much bigger than ourselves.

With IP that is both licensed from, and chosen by the community - KillaToys represents the essence of a collective vision. Through this collaborative effort, we're not just creating, but celebrating our shared connection through this universe, and the future of what it can and will be.

As it continues to take shape through this unification of artist, creator, collector, and community… together we will continue bringing the Killabears and the entire Killaverse to life, for the whole world to know and love.

Limited Edition (400 Supply)

Only 400 of this genesis LOVE CAPTAIN piece will ever exist.

In the vast landscape of collectibles, we designed these KillaToys pieces around principles that brought us into the world of collecting in the first place. It’s not about exclusivity; it’s about connection, appreciation, and understanding the deeper value, work, and imagination behind each and every piece.

Order now, and have these special limited edition Killaverse collectibles shipped to your home, to show off among your collection.

Digital Certificate of Authenticity

Each LOVE CAPTAIN collectible contains an embedded microchip that allows you to access its digital certificate of authenticity. By scanning the chip with a smartphone, you can validate the production number and verify authenticity. 

This digital COA adds an extra layer of provenance and security to your investment. The certificate confirms you own an authentic KillaToys original - no registration required.

Preservation & Care

To retain LOVE CAPTAIN in its flawless form, display in an enclosed cabinet away from sunlight. Gently clean with a soft dry cloth. Avoid strong chemical cleaners. With proper care, it will uphold its pristine look for generations to come.

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