Dr. Fomo 'Snuggable Genius' Plushie

This adorable Limited Edition 18" plush version of our hero, Dr. Fogerty Fomo, is crafted from premium materials that make it irresistibly soft and huggable.

Perfect for Collectors and Cubs alike!

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Wear and share the story of the Killaverse.

Guided by the meticulous vision of Creative Director Mikael Tyrsen, each KillaWear piece is carefully crafted from top-tier materials, ensuring a comfort & quality that is simply unmatched.

But the experience goes deeper...

Each time you rock a piece of KillaWear, you amplify the ongoing story of the Killabears - and help to connect and grow our community to members all across the world.

5% of net sales from the KillaShop goes to the Killa Community DAO to help fund community builders and initiatives.